The Best Munchies to Satisfy Your Cannabis-Induced Hunger

Since cannabis can make you extremely hungry, it’s no surprise that many stoners joke about their munchies when smoking marijuana. So what exactly are munchies, and which snacks are the best when you have the munchies? To answer this question, it helps to first understand what causes the munchies to kick in after consuming cannabis. Cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound that interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your brain, causing the THC-induced sense of being high.

Infuse it with Fat

Marijuana has been a part of the culture for as long as anyone can remember. As more and more people are able to enjoy cannabis recreationally, they are discovering the best ways to use it and how it can enhance their lives. More than just getting high, many people are using weed as an alternative medicine. There is evidence that weed can help with chronic pain and anxiety, among other benefits. Weed is also a great way to eat! When you’re high on marijuana, your appetite goes up and you crave food in a new way. Here are some foods that will give you the munchies when you need them most

Infuse it with Protein

A lot of people who smoke weed are always hungry and looking for the best food to satisfy their hunger. It’s true that eating foods high in fats and sugar can make you feel nauseous from being high, so try these snacks with some protein for a new experience.
You’ve probably seen the munchies before: weed makes you hungry, and that hunger is usually satisfied by junk food. But not just any junk food will do–you want something that’ll hit the spot without knocking you out, or making you feel queasy. That’s where these eight delicious snacks come in, each one perfect for a night of cannabis consumption

Infuse it with Sugar

New York – and the surrounding area, for that matter – is getting a lot of new and exciting cannabis products. And you know what that means: It’s time for some munchies! There are so many options out there, but don’t worry because we’re about to help you find the perfect snacks for your high. Check out these six foods and drinks guaranteed to satisfy your cannabis-induced hunger:
1) New York Bagels – These are a classic in this city, so they deserve first place on the list. There’s nothing better than a fresh bagel with cream cheese or lox!
2) Pretzels – These salty snacks will hit the spot when you want something crunchy and savory.

Use what you have on hand

There are some really great munchies that you can whip up in your kitchen. Some of my favorites include:
1) Cheese – cheese is always a good idea, whether it’s string cheese or just a block of cheddar. String cheese is especially easy because you can eat it with one hand while the other holds the blunt. The only downside to this one is that it melts easily and will get all over your hands and clothes so I usually save this for when I’m at home by myself.
2) Fruit – fruit is always a good choice because it doesn’t have any dairy in it. That means that if you want some healthy snacks they’re perfect for any time of day, not just late night binges!