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Brooklyn’s Best Kept Secrets: The Top 5 Places to Smoke Weed

While the state of New York has legalized the use of medical marijuana since 2014, Brooklyn has been slow to actually allow it to be used or sold in its borough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find places to smoke weed in Brooklyn, because there are lots of great spots throughout this borough that [...]

Indica Cannabis Strains You’ve Never Tried (But Should)

If you’re curious about the wide world of marijuana, you may have heard many different things. Some people swear that indica strains will help you relax, while others tell you that sativa strains are the way to go if you’re looking for an uplifting experience. Either way, both of these classifications are oversimplified and don’t [...]

The Recovery Process for Athletes Who Use Medical Marijuana

If you’re an athlete, you’re probably acutely aware of the importance of recovery after competition or strenuous training sessions. However, you might not be aware of the role medical marijuana can play in accelerating this process to ensure optimal performance and health in the future. Here are three key benefits medical marijuana can offer athletes [...]

The Best Songs to Listen to When You’re High

Listening to music while you’re high is an experience unlike any other. If you’re not familiar with the genre, it can be difficult to decide what songs you should listen to next and if you’re going to enjoy it or not. As we all have our own tastes in music, there’s no wrong answer when [...]

The Best Weed Brands to Find in a Dispensary in New York City Right Now

If you live in New York City, then you probably know that cannabis legalization has been an ongoing conversation for years now, which means that the time to buy weed legally has finally arrived! That said, finding the best weed brands to find in a dispensary in New York City can feel like something of [...]

The Best Places to Get Your Munchies On in New York City

When you’re feeling the munchies after smoking weed, there’s nothing worse than being disappointed by a less-than-stellar meal. Fortunately, in New York City, there are plenty of great places to get your food fix after indulging in the sticky icky. Here are the best places to satisfy your munchies in NYC. Chicken wings from Babu [...]

Weed Delivery in New York City: The Best Quality THC Concentrates

Weed delivery in New York City has never been easier, thanks to our company. We’re the most trusted high-grade cannabis delivery service in Brooklyn, so place your order today and get it fast – we won’t disappoint! Whether you have chronic pain or just want to relax at home after work, we have everything you [...]

Splash Bros. – The Best Weed Edibles in New York City

Splash Bros. delivers some of the best weed edibles in New York City. We have different types of edibles including brownies, gummies, cakes, and chocolates. Whether you want to try one or two or ten of our top-quality edibles, you will love the marijuana-infused taste and how it helps treat your pain and stress [...]

The Importance of Buying High Grade Cannabis in New York

Getting high-quality marijuana isn’t always as easy as it seems, even in states where recreational use of the substance has been legalized for some time now. If you live in New York and you want to experience the best weed possible, the most important thing you can do is buy from a dispensary that sells [...]