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Allerton, with its mix of residential avenues and lush green parklands, represents a distinctive charm of The Bronx. Known for the famous Allerton Avenue, it’s a community that takes pride in its traditions and modern adaptabilities alike. To complement this evolving culture, Splash Brothers proudly introduces its efficient and reliable weed delivery services for the Allerton community.

Diverse, dynamic, and spirited, Allerton remains a hub for various activities, from shopping sprees along its popular streets to tranquil moments in its parks. Amidst this vibrant setting, Splash Brothers ensures that residents and visitors alike can easily access a diverse range of cannabis products without a hitch.

Our commitment is to offer only the best. With a meticulously curated menu featuring the finest strains and other cannabis derivatives, our services are tailored to meet the nuanced preferences of the Allerton populace. Whether it’s for relaxation after a long day or to energize and explore the community’s sights and sounds, Splash Brothers is here to cater to every need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are fully licensed and operate in accordance with all regulations in Allerton.

We prioritize swift deliveries and typically manage to deliver within a few hours in Allerton.

Currently, we operate primarily as a delivery service in Allerton. For more details, please check our website.

Absolutely, we have a selection of both THC and CBD products available for delivery in Allerton.

We accept multiple payment methods for our Allerton customers. Detailed info can be found on our platform.

We do have expedited services for urgent orders in Allerton, details of which are on our site.

Yes, but ensure to place them in advance for us to meet bulk requirements in Allerton.

We appreciate our loyal customers and have several programs and discounts tailored for them in Allerton.

We frequently introduce region-specific strains. Check our menu for Allerton exclusives.

Sustainability is key for us. Our packaging in Allerton is eco-friendly and recyclable.