Club 41: Where Gelato 41 Meets Animal Tsunami

Dive into the harmonious world of Club 41, a cannabis masterpiece crafted by Tsunami. The fusion of Gelato 41 and Animal Tsunami gives birth to lush green buds, a tantalizing terpene symphony, and an experience that transcends the ordinary.

A Symphony of Terpenes

Nature’s Orchestra in Every Bud

Club 41 isn’t just a strain; it’s a botanical symphony playing out in your hands. The terpene dance of Caryophyllene, Humulène, Limonène, and Myrcene creates a sensory masterpiece. Each bud, adorned with purple and orange pistils, is a work of art, promising a journey into the heart of nature’s fragrant embrace.

Club 41

Inhalation Experience: A Dance of Citrus and Spice

Zesty Citrus and Warm Spice Waltz

As you draw in that first breath, Club 41 treats you to a waltz of flavors. Inhale the zesty notes of citrus, accompanied by the warm embrace of spice. The subtle dance of a-Pinene and b-Pinene connects you to the essence of the great outdoors, a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

The Dry Pull Ritual

Citrus-Pine Elegance

The dry pull, a prelude to the main act, unveils more layers of Club 41’s complexity. Citrus and pine take center stage, creating a sensory elegance that primes your palate for the floral sweetness to come. It’s a ritual that builds anticipation, setting the stage for a delightful rendezvous with this unique strain.

Delight at Your Doorstep

From Club to Couch – Easy NYC Delivery

Club 41 isn’t just a strain; it’s an experience that comes to you. Imagine the luxury of enjoying this cannabis symphony without leaving your sanctuary. Whether you’re nestled in the heights of Queens, the artistic corners of Brooklyn, or the heart of Manhattan, Club 41 is ready to be delivered to your door, ensuring your experience is as convenient as it is delightful.

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