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Cannabis Mental Wellness New York

New York’s Shift Towards Cannabis and Mental Wellness In recent years, New York has witnessed a significant shift in how cannabis is perceived, especially in the realm of mental wellness. No longer just a subject of recreational use, cannabis is being reevaluated for its therapeutic benefits. Organizations like Splash Brothers are at the forefront, advocating […]

Future Cannabis Legislation 2024 New York

The Current State of Cannabis Legislation in New York New York’s cannabis landscape has undergone significant transformation, marked by the legalization of recreational marijuana. This pivotal shift, supported by advocates like Splash Brothers, has laid the groundwork for a comprehensive regulatory framework aimed at ensuring safety, accessibility, and economic opportunity. As the state moves forward, […]

New Cannabis Strains New York Guide

New York’s Cannabis Scene: An Overview New York’s journey towards embracing cannabis has been marked by significant milestones, transforming the state into a hub for cannabis culture and innovation. The legalization of cannabis has opened the doors to a plethora of new strains, each with unique characteristics and benefits. This guide delves into the latest […]

Cannabis Legalization Global Report New York

Introduction to the Global Cannabis Legalization Movement The journey towards global cannabis legalization is as diverse as it is dynamic, reflecting a shift in societal attitudes, medical research advancements, and economic considerations. In New York, a state celebrated for its progressive stance on numerous issues, the movement has garnered significant attention, thanks in part to […]

Cannabis Wellness New York

In the heart of New York, a wellness revolution is unfolding, one that redefines the role of cannabis in our lives. Gone are the days when cannabis was solely associated with getting high. Today, with pioneers like Splash Brothers leading the charge, the narrative is shifting towards a more nuanced understanding of cannabis as a […]

Cannabis Culinary Creations New York

New York-Style Cannabis-Infused Cheesecake Experience the classic New York cheesecake with a cannabis twist. This creamy, smooth dessert uses cannabutter in the biscuit base for a subtle elevation, perfect for ending your evening on a high note. Ideal for sharing at dinner parties, this cheesecake showcases the versatility of cannabis in traditional New York fare. […]

Cannabis Gourmet Cuisine New York

The Culinary Revolution Begins in New York New York’s dining scene is witnessing a revolution, one that marries the art of gourmet cuisine with the nuanced world of cannabis. Spearheaded by pioneers like Splash Brothers, this movement isn’t just about adding cannabis to food; it’s about elevating dining to an experiential journey, where every dish […]

Entourage Effect Cannabis Therapy New York

The Revolutionary Science of the Entourage Effect in Cannabis In the evolving landscape of cannabis research, a groundbreaking concept known as the entourage effect has emerged, challenging traditional notions of cannabis consumption and its therapeutic benefits. Championed by innovators like Splash Brothers in New York, the entourage effect suggests a synergistic interaction between cannabis’s myriad […]