Gary Payton NEW !!!(Variety Pack Quality)


We are able to negotiate better prices on some quality flower with some new growers and Ofcourse we pass the savings to you !!
We will be starting a $30 an 8th menu which will consists with good quality flower that we were able to get for a cheaper price !!!
<This similar quality to what we have in our Variety Packs !!
The Gary Payton strain, also known as cookie Gary Payton is a hybrid of the snowman and the Y. This is a potent cannabis strain that has a loud terpene profile that will make you feel relaxed.

The Gary Payton stain is a balanced cannabis strain that evenly distributes Sativa and Indica content. It comes from the family of GSC and has lots to offer to its users. While it gives us a relaxing experience it doesn’t sedate you. It’s particularly ideal for smokers during the evening.

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